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councilman john goodhouse

The Tigard Police Officers’ Association is pleased to endorse Councilman John Goodhouse as the next Mayor of Tigard.  Our executive board met with all three mayoral candidates and had robust conversations with them.  Although we believe all three candidates are extremely qualified and are more than capable of being successful as the Mayor, we felt Councilman Goodhouse stood out as to what our association believed the City of Tigard needs in the next Mayor.

Councilman Goodhouse has vast experience in City of Tigard leadership and knows what is happening within the city.  As a longtime resident and business owner, we believe Councilman Goodhouse is working to make the City of Tigard a safe, growing and thriving community.  As an association we have worked in cooperation with Councilman Goodhouse on several occasions.  During those times he has always been easy to work with, supportive and straightforward.

Based on his knowledge of the City of Tigard, his proven track record, as well as TPOAs history of cooperation with Councilman Goodhouse, our association feels he is the right person to lead the City of Tigard as Mayor.  As a board we want to thank all the candidates for meeting with us and having the conversations.  We look forward to future collaboration and working with all of the City of Tigard leadership.

- Tigard Police Officers' Association

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Maureen wolf for Tigard city council

The Tigard Police Officers’ Association’s is happy to give our endorsement for Tigard City Council to Maureen Wolf.  We met with several of the candidates running for the positions and through our interaction and conversations felt that her experience and leadership best fit what our association is looking for to help lead the City of Tigard during these trying times.  We want to thank all the candidates who met with us, answered our questions and listen to our position on important topics.  Most of all we want to thank them for their willingness to step up and run for City Council.  We know it is not easy and is a time commitment to run for City Council.

- Tigard Police Officers' Association