As an association, members of TPOA’s executive board had the privilege of meeting with the candidates running for the City of Tigard’s two open city council positions. Although all of the candidates were well qualified and would do an excellent job in leading the City of Tigard into the future, TPOA is pleased to announce our endorsement of Heidi Lueb and Jeanette Shaw for Tigard City Council.

Heidi Lueb Portrait

Heidi lueb

As an incumbent appointed to Tigard City Council in 2019, Heidi Lueb has demonstrated that she possesses the skills, knowledge and leadership to help guide the City of Tigard, moving forward. As an association, TPOA has had the opportunity to work with Heidi on several occasions.

Heidi has consistently demonstrated great leadership, the ability to listen and comprehend complex issues, and a knack for coming up with great solutions. Heidi demonstrates great vision, and we believe she will help lead the City of Tigard beyond 2020.

Jeanette Shaw Portrait

jeanette shaw

During her conversations with TPOA, Jeanette Shaw has conveyed an impressive knowledge of issues the City of Tigard is currently facing and will likely be facing in the future. Although new to city government, Jeanette’s knowledge and experience in the community and outside will provide a new perspective, and her involvement will positively impact Tigard City Council.

We believe Jeanette’s vision for the City of Tigard aligns well with what is needed to help lead the City forward in a positive direction.